Plugwise protocol unleashed part 2: device information


In the Plugwise protocol unleashed series, I will describe the plugwise protocol. As far as I have been able to re-engineer it. I did this re-engineering work because there is no Linux/OSX software available to control your plugwise devices. All information in these series are based on the 2.0 firmware version!

DISCLAIMER: use of the information in these articles is at your own risk.
This information is not supported by Plugwise B.V. in any way.

In this part of the series we will have a look at the device information request and response.

Device information request

The device information request looks like this:


0023 – indicates the request code, in this case it’s the device information request code.
00D6F000023XXXX – is the mac address of the device we are requesting information about.
231B – is the CRC checksum.

Device information response

The device information response looks like this:
0024 0025000D6F000023XXXX 0A 01 866F 0004DFE8 01 85 0000 0473 0007 4AA66380 01 36EE

0024 – indicates the response code, in this case it’s the device information response code.
0025 – unknown, reverse checksum? Not interesting anyway.
000D6F000023XXXX – mac address of the device we requested information about.
0A – Year of the internal Plugwise clock, convert 0A to integer and you get 10.. add 2000 to it and you have 2010.
01 – Month of the internal Plugwise clock, convert 01 to integer and you get 1.
866F – Number of minutes of the internal Plugwise clock, convert 886F to integer and you get 34415. You can use this to calculate the days, hours and minutes, to get a datetime value.
0004DFE8 – Latest log buffer address, each log buffer contains 4 hours of information about the power usage. Convert this to integer, Then use: (logaddress – 278528) / 32 to get the log address. In this example the log address is: (319464 – 278528) / 32 = 1279
01 – Relay status (power on/power off) 01=ON, 00=OFF.
85 – Amount of herz the plugin operates on.
I use the following python code to determine the amount of hz:

    def determinehz(self, herz):
        Determines number of hz of a plugwise device.
        if herz == '85':
            return 50
        elif herz == 'C5':
            return 60
            return 0

000004730007 – This indicates the hardware version of the circle. No conversion is needed. In this case the hardware version is: 0000-0473-0007.
4AA66380 – This is the firmware version of the circle. The datetime is a POSIX (epoch) timestamp. The following python function converts it to a datetime object:

datetime.fromtimestamp(timestamp[, tz])

If you have any questions regarding the device information please let me know.. till next week! And happy plugwising! 🙂

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