New router: Linksys WRT320N

Last week I bought a new router, I wanted one with gigabit ports and wireless N.
So I ended up buying the Linksys WRT320N.
After doing a bad flash, I had to open it to find an unbrick method.

Good thing though is that I got to see the inside of this nifty device.
Opening the case wasn’t such a tough job, it had little “chix with dix” torx (official name: security torx):

Fortunately I could wrap around it with a little regular screwdriver (didn’t have any security torx driver handy, who does anyway?)
Here’s a picture of the case from the inside (note the three, damn small antenna’s):

Here’s a picture of the hardware board:

But wait.. what’s the soldered wire down the bottom left? [teaser]We will talk about that in the next blog post :-)[/teaser]


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