Installing Fusion IO driver on VMware ESXi 5 using vSphere Update Manager (VUM)

This blog post will describe how to install the Fusion IO driver on VMware ESXi 5 using the vSphere Update Manager. First things first, grab the latest driver from the VMware website, at the time of writing the driver is available here.

Next we need to import the patch file into the vSphere Update Manager, the patch file is included into the downloaded zip file. It should be named: From the vSphere Update Manager click the “Import Patches” link:

Follow the steps in the wizard, after that the patch should be visible in the repository:

The next step is to create a baseline and assign the update to the baseline. From the baseline and groups tab, select “new baseline”:

Next, select “Host extension” as baseline type, this important because otherwise the update will never be applicable to any of your hosts.

In the next wizard step, include the Fusion IO driver:

Finish the wizard. Last but not least, we need to assign the baseline to the appropriate server, or cluster. Then scan the specific host or cluster and remediate the entry or entries. I have not included any screenshots of these steps because this is specific for your environment.


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