From Python module to GUI, software evolution

Having a Python module to control a z-wave network is great, but not really directly useful in practice. I can’t imagine myself switching lamps on and off everyday using a Python script.
However, with a nice GUI it will become much more useful. Today I created a GUI around the py-openzwave module, for use within my home automation software (HouseAgent)
HouseAgent uses a plugin structure so I can easily add new plugins in a few basic steps:

  • Add the needed HTML templates for the GUI interface
  • Create some Python code to query the right information from the specific plugin
  • Add some device types to the database

So after two/three hours of work I created the following:

This screenshot shows general information about the z-wave network, I want to expand that overview with more network parameters later on. HouseAgent also includes a control page, which now allows me to switch z-wave modules on or off. That is shown in the following screenshot:

(click for a better view)
So there you have it, software evolution: from a somewhat hacky Python module up to a usable GUI.


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