Trend Micro IMSS Operations Manager Management Pack

Trend Micro IMSS (Interscan Messaging Security Suite) is a mail gateway solution, which includes anti-spam and anti-virus solutions.
The product is critical for your company’s e-mail flow.

Using my management pack for this product you can monitor the health and performance of your IMSS server(s).
The management pack monitors the following critical IMSS services:

  • Trend Micro IMSS SMTP Service (which is the main SMTP engine)
  • Trend Micro IMSS Task Services (controls schedules tasks such as a definition update)
  • Trend Micro IMSS Web Console (the management interface of the product)
  • Trend Micro IMSS Manager (manages critical processes)

Apart from these critical processes you can also monitor additional services, such as (disabled by default, use an override!):

  • Trend Micro IMSS Scan Service
  • Trend Micro IMSS Policy Service
  • Trend Micro IMSS IPProfile


The management pack also monitors critical queue’s within the product such as the delivery queue and the scan queue.
Apart from that it also provides some valueable statistics, such as the amount of sent and received e-mail.


You can download the management pack here:

[download id=”4″]